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Bonjour, amigos. My name is Dan and welcome to Bible Riffs! Starting August 9, 2010, I have made it my objective to read the entirety of the Holy Bible from Genesis on down to Revelation while posting a summary and an analysis for each chapter. Usually every week, but sometimes real life shit gets in the way and I go two weeks. 

As you flip through it, you will notice that this is greatest Bible blog in the history of Bible blogs. If you do not notice that, you are totally hurting my feelings, big time.

Having never read the Bible, I am dipping into this mission with an open mind and without any prejudice or preconceptions. It is not my intention to either promote or decry the content, prose, or storylines contained between its covers before I actually read them.  

So kick back, fry yourself up a nice little cheese quesadilla, crack open an ice cold RC® Brand Cola, and give Bible Riffs! a read. Feel free to post comments and interact, but be polite, son! Look for updates almost every single Monday. Enjoy!

8/09/10 (11/08/10 remixes in italics)

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Dan Curry

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